To better serve our patients who do not have dental insurance, we have designed a yearly dental plan which will help you save on the dental you need.

No deductible

no maximum

no waiting periods

no claims to file

Routine dentistry included 2 exams, 2 cleanings, and any necessary x-rays required (panoramic allowed at one visit only). Routine “cleanings” means cleanings with no evidence of gum disease. If a debridement is required, the free would be $95 due at the time of service. Patients with periodontal disease (pockets of 5mm or greater) will be allowed a scaling and root planing procedure performed for $150 per quadrant and 2 additional periodontal maintenance cleanings per year for $135.

This is an annual non-refundable contract. There are no exceptions to the 12 month time frame. In-office plan cannot be combined with any other insurance. This is not a recurring plan and must be re-enrolled every 12 months in order to continue services and receive the discounted rates. The discounts do not apply to products sold in office or Botox and fillers.

For more information about our in-office membership plan for dental care in Omaha, Nebraska, call 40th & Dodge Family Dentistry at 402-884-4400 and schedule a visit with our dentists, Dr. Michael Belling and associates.