Dr. Michael Belling and associates offer fluoride treatment in Omaha, Nebraska. As a preventive treatment, this service helps restore important minerals to the enamel of the teeth, which are lost over time and through use. Learn more today by calling 40th & Dodge Family Dentistry at 402-884-4400 and scheduling an appointment with our dentists and team.

Fluoride treatment is a valuable dental procedure recommended for individuals with sensitive teeth or those prone to cavities. While it is commonly associated with pediatric dentistry, it is equally beneficial for adult patients. This treatment plays a crucial role in restoring the essential mineral, fluoride, to your teeth.

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in water and various foods, renowned for its ability to strengthen teeth. It accomplishes this by replacing vital minerals within the tooth enamel, which is under constant attack from harmful bacteria, acids, and sugars. However, some individuals suffer from a fluoride deficiency, preventing them from acquiring sufficient protection against dental decay. For such cases, fluoride treatment becomes indispensable.

Fluoride treatment options include gels, varnishes or foams, all approved by the American Dental Association®. The procedure is simple, often requiring just one sitting at our dental office. This treatment is especially beneficial for children as their teeth are still developing, but it can also provide lasting oral health benefits for adults.

If you’ve been experiencing teeth sensitivity or frequent cavities despite diligent home care, our experienced dentists may recommend fluoride treatment. Strengthening your teeth with fluoride can significantly enhance your smile’s resilience to decay. To learn more about fluoride treatment and how it can benefit your oral health, we encourage you to contact our dental office today. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you on your journey towards a healthier and happier smile.